Yosiell Lorenzo announces a HUGE "Sicklings Spring Sale"!!!

Tomorrow - April 6th at 11am PST, Yosiell Lorenzo will be launching a HUGE "Sicklings Spring Sale" where he will have a run of multiple editions along with a one-off up for grabs!!! First up are the "Tea-makers" in a maroon and sapphire color way, an edition of 3 each for $80 a pop. Next are his "Grimoire Guardians" as an edition of 5 in each color way (moss green & murky blue) all of these will be $40 each! Also, there will be "Tea Barrel Snail Riders" as an edition of 2 for $100 a pop. Next up are the "Stone" and "Amethyst" mini Sicklings sold as a set for $20 or individually for $12 each, and lastly the "Magi Scout" a one-off Sickling that's 6" tall and comes attached with a mossy bass for $260. Some rad stuff... and all can be found HERE at the above date and time!

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