'Monsters & Misfits IV' show coming soon! We have exclusive reveals!!!

In just a couple weeks, the fourth Monsters & Misfits show has its opening on April 1st! This wonderful exhibit of talent will be displayed in Shibuya, Tokyo, and presented by Tomenosuke-syoten, Circus Posterus and Shibuya Hikarie! The usual suspects will have some wonderous new works on display: Andrew Bell, Stan Manoukian, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris RyniakAmanda Louise Spayd, and Carisa Swenson. Also, we'll be seeing some familiar faces exhibiting in the show for the first time: Lana Crooks, Shing Yin Khor, Leslie Levings, and Kevin Titzer! Whew with a line up like that, what's not to love???

Lucky for us, we got a sneak preview of some of the fun works that are going to be on display! First up is this great collaboration between Brandt and Kathie. This piece conjures a slightly haunting, but whimsical feeling. The cart adds that extra playful dimension that makes me want to grab the piece and pose it.

Next is a fun set by Andrew. I love the paired pieces that Andrew makes, especially ones that evoke images of man's best friend.

Check out this cheeky fellow by Carisa - those suspenders are just too cute!

This delicate, floral skull by Lana is just exquisite.

This piece by Chris makes me want to squeal with delight.

Amanda created the perfect adventuring partner.

Critters by Shing are like round buttery balls of happiness.

I leave you now with this piercing grin by Kevin.

Pieces from this show usually sell out quickly, so make sure you either attend in person, or watch online! To purchase original artwork and, or view exhibit online, visit www.tomenosuke.com on April 2nd (11 AM local Tokyo time) when the web preview is launched. If you are going to be around for the show in person (and I hope you are!) it will be on display at Shibuya Hikarie in Tokyo, Japan, with an opening reception on April 1st, and will stay on display through April 7th. I had wanted to try to make it to Tokyo for the show but sadly I couldn't move my Tokyo travel dates so early. Bummer! You can bet I'll be checking online for any pieces to buy though ;)

Shibuya Hikarie (Creative Space “8/”)
2-21-1 Shibuya
Tokyo, Japan


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