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Hugh Rose’s Custom “Frankenstein” Kidrobot Munny!

I think at this point everyone realizes that “Frankenstein,” though only literally referring to the doctor's family name, is commonly used to denote the nameless, stitched together creation, also known as Frankenstein's monster. Using the classic horror icon as a basis, UK-based artist Hugh Rose has carefully converted a vinyl Munny figure into a detail-laden interpretation of this creation, his art really excelling in the facial resculpt and allowing the body's paint application to remain as simplistic as the garb the creature is known for. A completely original piece on a 7-inch tall Munny figure, this piece is intended for collection of the same connoisseur who commissioned Rose's other horror pieces (“Pinhead” from Hellraiser, “Billy” from Saw, “Captain Spaulding” from House of 1,000 Corpses, and “Leatherface” from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre).

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