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Threezero's collectible statue rendition of Simon Bisley's Heavy Metal cover!

If you're a die-hard fan of the outrageously stylized art of Simon Bisley, then you might immediately recognize the image herein… but from its original two-dimensional form and not the spectacular 3D version you see here. It's the cover image to Heavy Metal vol. 22 no. 3 (July 1998), a piece by Bisley titled "Fallen Angel." And now, thanks to a partnership between high end collectible producer Threezero and magazine rights holder Kevin Eastman Studios, we get this lovely sculptural version. We're told that these will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con this year, so expect a stampede to try and secure one of these instantly classic beauties!
 * * * UPDATE * * *  : We've been informed that this piece will be on display at SDCC, but not available for sale until a later date afterwards. Still, the chance to see this work in person will surely be worth the booth visit!

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