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Scott Wilkowski × Luke Chueh × Munky King’s “Infected Target” for SDCC!

Wisconsin-based artist and sculptor Scott Wilkowski’s true calling is elevating an art toy into true art, casting released pieces in resin around a skeletal system he's created for each. These fantastical inner workings are what make the classic concepts that Wilkowski tackles all the more memorable and, as sculptural works, they are in a league of their own. Teased by Munky King as a San Diego Comic-Con release, Wilkowski has partnered with contemporary artist Luke Chueh to “infected” — as Wilkowski calls his process — Chueh’s massive “Target” bear. The original figure is known for holding a paint brush which its freshly used to paint a target upon itself, a target — that in Wilkowski’s complex inner sculpt — will be directly over the bear’s heart… And a truer target there couldn't be, as it seems the bears skeletal system even mimics the look of a target around the heart. A wonderful interpretation, this limited edition release will be available from Munky King's SDCC Booth #4851 for an unannounced amount.

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