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Super7’s “Masters of the Universe: Stage 01 Prototype Action Figure Collection!”

In the most thrilling game of ‘what if?’ since their release of the Alien action figure line, which launched the ReAction Figure phenomenon, Super7 have re-imagined if He-Man and the Masters of the Universe were sculpted in the 3¾-inch tall style of the 1970's Star Wars line from Kenner. Titled “Masters of the Universe: Stage 01 Prototype Action Figure Collection,” the four unpainted figures in this set each come with their uniquely appropriate accessories: He-Man and the Power Sword, Skeletor and his Havoc Staff, Mer-Man and his sword, and Beastman with his whip. Available exclusively previously announced “Skeletor’s Lair” pop-up at Super7’s San Diego store (701 8th Avenue, Corner of 8th & G), taking place solely during the days of San Diego Comic-Con, each set will be $60 apiece and be limited to a mere one per person.

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