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New Year's Resolution for Kidrobot #8: Is it finally time for a… Horror Dunny Series?!?

So I already expressed a desire to generally move away from themed Dunny series releases (Resolution #6) as well as to keep Kidrobot cute (Resolution #2), but this suggestion slightly goes askew from those. As a huge horror fan, I would love to see a Horror-themed production Dunny series. While more of niche audience than the norm, I think one could court us horror aficionados while still remaining cute and having a mass appeal. Suggested artists would include Alarment, Crux, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Retroband, Hugh Rose, Sket-One (whose Fall Killer custom is pictured above), and Tasha Zimich. Yes, this is far less of a suggestion than it is a personal hope & dream, but it's still something I'd love to see actually happen!
This post in no way should be construed as coming from Kidrobot. It is, rather, a hope for the new year that us at SpankyStokes have for the seminal brand.

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