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ANNOUNCED: AJO777 × Mighty Jaxx's "Rony the Peculiar" resin sculptural art figures!

Sculpted by creator & artist AJO777, the above pictured new head is the latest update in the long anticipated "Rony the Peculiar" art figure. Recently announced as a work-in-progress piece to be released by Mighty Jaxx, the piece has been worked on — in various forms — for roughly two years now, as shown below in the original hand-painted 4-inch tall pieces and the wip six-inch tall sculpt. Both the below versions were intended to have simple articulation, so we're eager to find out if this Mighty Jaxx version will proceed with that vision. Hopefully being released in the near future, you should keep your eyes on Mighty Jaxx's Instagram feed as well as artist AJO777's feed for more updates!

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