Frank Kozik's "Hateball" sofubi piece with BRAND NEW Prussian Iron Cross inspired stand!

Frank Kozik's 4-inch diameter "Hateball" — the larger one — will be released in this ultra special limited edition with stand! While not specified at this time, we imagine that the stand is cast in resin as opposed to soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) like the Madball inspired piece. And if you're thinking that the stand looks familiar, that's because it is an amalgam of the first three Prussian Iron Crosses! The topmost cross point has a crown with "FW" underneath it, which denotes King Frederick William III who decorated soldiers during the Wars of Liberation against Napoleon (1813), while the dead center has a "W" in it, which denotes both kaisers, Wilhelm I and Wilhelm II, who awarded further Iron Crosses during the Franco-Prussian War (1870) and World War I (1914) respectively. And, of course, all three of those years are also emblazoned on the remaining cross points. Limited to a mere 15 pieces, these will be available in the near future — maybe even today or tomorrow — at around 12 NOON Pacific time in Frank Kozik's online shop.

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