Straight outta hell (or at least another dimension): Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Flying Freak" is almost here!

While we previously revealed pictures of the "Flying Freak" test pulls, Richard Montanari of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore (MVH) has now shared some truly proper pics of the piece… next to a 6½-inch tall "DX Sludge Demon" for size comparison! And, as you see above, the head from the "Flying Freak" also works on the DX body, making for some epic bashes in the future! The "Flying Freak" appears to be roughly 8- to 9-inches tall and, we're told, the stitching elements line-up from the head to the body regardless of which face is forward, the "Eyesore" or "Banshee Mouth" one.

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