Boris Tellegen × Case Studyo's "A Concrete Toy" takes a robot from the streets into the gallery…

Based on the iconic work from 2005 by Boris Tellegen, aka street artist DELTA, this was originally executed as a massive wooden sculpture for an exhibition in Pittsburgh. Revisiting the concept, Tellegen has shrunk the piece down to roughly 11-inches tall and cast it in concrete, the least child friendly material you could use for robot 'toy' figure. Appropriately named "A Concrete Toy," this design is, should you examine it, comprised of the letters in Tellegen's graffiti name, D-E-L-T-A. Limited to an edition of 32 pieces from Case Studyo, these come in a screen printed wood box with a certificate of authenticity and each sculpture is signed & numbered individually by the artist. Interested collectors should email contact [at] casestudyo [dot] com for availability and pricing.

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