BLObPUS × Lulubell Toy Bodega × Masayoshi Hanawa's "Devilish Baby" for Superfestival!

Dear Amy at Lulubell Toy Bodega. How are you? I realize I could've just e-mailed you this query instead of doing a blog post about it, but what sort of fun would that be? I noticed that BLObPUS released the above pictured piece during today's Superfestival 66 in Japan, calling it "Devilish Baby (Jack-o'-Lantern)" and he credits it as "BLObPUS × lulubelltoys × hanawa." The base does look like a Luke "Grody Shogun" Rook, which would explain the Lulubell connection, though I'm unsure how Masayoshi Hanawa was involved… Regardless, Amy, we were wondering if you'd be bringing any of these over here to the U.S. for fans to enjoy. Thank you, with much love, the SpankyStokes blog (writers and readers)

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