Monster Kolor Custom Toy Show August 16 at PIQ Inside Grand Central Terminal!!!

Tenacious Toys has teamed up with the folks over at Monster Kolor and PIQ Gallery to launch a custom show that will feature 20 talented artists who work with various Monster Kolor brand paint products. Platforms will include monsters, robots, animals, mash-ups and more vividly-colored creations adorned with Monster Kolor paint. Who's involved... a ton of talent including: D-LUX, Rampageo Industries, Evilos, Forces of Dorkness, gorgoloid, Guumon, Jay222, John Cook Dooley, Josh Mayhem, Kid Ink Industries, Mark Nagata, MCA, MechaVirus, Michael Devera, Mr Munk, Prometheum 5, Shannon Deeds, Small Angry Monster, SoKo Cat, Erick Scarecrow, and Sucklord! Launching on Saturday, August 16th at 3pm EST, be sure to head on out early as there will be a pinstriping demo by Matt Walker, plus artist appearances!!!

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