Creo Designs's skull-tacular "Tooth Decay" resin figure returns… in Mini form!

A little more than a year after the release of the "Tooth Decay" resin figure (see HERE), creator Chris "Creo Designs" Alexander announces the next evolutionary step for his figure: the "Mini Tooth Decay!" Roughly half the size of the original — as pictured above — this 3½-inch tall solid resin piece will be initially released in three versions: Bare Enamel, Custom Enamel, and Signature Enamel. Bare Enamel, pictured below left, is essentially the DIY version; straight out the mould, unclean, unfinished and unpainted, about as raw a cast as you can get, these come in a standard cardboard box and cost £20 (approx. $34) apiece. Custom Enamel is pretty much what it sounds like: you choose from over 250 colors for the main body, over 40 colors for a single front tooth to be colored, and even if it will have a gloss or matte finish; packaged in a standard cardboard box, these will be £40 (approx. $67) each. And the Signature Enamel — not pictured — will be limited, micro edition runs in artist selected colors that come in unique metal tins with a label and signed by Alexander, for £45 (approx. $76) apiece. By making the figure half the size, it seems Alexander has cut the price more than half on even the most expensive versions… making this a no brainer for the legions of fans that couldn't afford the full-size version. All three versions will be available to order on September 8th, 2014 at 2PM Pacific time from Creo Design's online shop.

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