Sunday, June 23, 2013

Creo Designs's 1st Solo Designer Toy… "Tooth Decay!"

You've probably seen Creo Designs's name so often that it seems impossible that this would be his first solo designer toy release, but… it's true! And this is a big one… BIG as in a 7" high × 5" wide × 7" deep solid resin piece. Depicting a hardcore tooth with a skull and bones for roots, Creo's "Tooth Decay" is being made out of the artist's own unique resin and the first colorway should be be ready for release in July or August 2013. While the color of this first edition is currently a secret, we do know that this limited run will consist of only 9 copies for around £200 (approx. $300) apiece, international shipping included. Follow Creo Design's on Facebook or Twitter for more teasers as the release approaches…

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