Cesar Diaz's 3D Printed "CHUBB" figure customized as Thanos, Batman & Spider-Man!

Cesar Diaz has digitally sculpted and 3D Printed his brand new designer toy, the "CHUBB," which looks WAY too much like a Kidrobot "Bub" for my taste… If you're going to go through the trouble of making an original base platform, then make sure it stands out as its own unique identity! This 2⅕-inch tall figure is produced in PLA plastic, before being primed, airbrushed, and sealed in semi-gloss varnish. Depicting three popular comic characters — Thanos (above), Batman (below left), and Spider-Man (below right) — these are being issued as limited edition runs, Thanos being carded while the others are bagged with header cards. All three are available now in Diaz's online shop for either $20 (bagged with header) or $40 (backing carded) apiece.

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