ANNOUNCED: threeA's "The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha: Doggy Pascha" 2-Pack!

Within the BDSM community there is a relatively fringe fetish called petplay, which indicates that the person derives desire from acting as and being treated like an animal. One such petplay scenario is called puppy play and, just as it sounds, it is canine centric. These scenarios can go pretty far, I understand… but perhaps we should ask the newest iteration of "Isobelle Pascha" (pictured above) about it! Yes, Ashley Wood's risqué "The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha" series, manufactured in 1/6th scale by threeZero and released under their joint threeA banner, has the newest addition on the way and it is the "Doggy Pascha" two-pack. Spotted on the new WeDontTalkAboutLove3A Instagram account, "Doggy Pascha" herself comes not only with the fetish cosplay dalmatian outfit, but a metal chain leash and a black rubber bone! But who is she packaged alongside? The 12-inch tall "Liz" figure, pictured below, clad in her black leather mistress outfit. We understand that this set is "upcoming" and expect further details shortly.

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