Jon-Paul Kaiser's ancient Japanese print inspired custom Nike SB sneakers!

UK artist Jon-Paul Kaiser has always embraced his love of the ancient Japanese styles and designs, but he possibly took revealing said love to the next level when he hand-painted these Nike SB sneakers as a commission. Obviously inspired by the Japanese print masterworks of yeateryear, Kaiser has recreated that style of almost storyboard imagery on the panelling, making complimenting scenes around one another and each shoe, using the surfaces like multiple canvases rather than single pieces. The impressive results, pictured herein courtesy of Justin Allfree's photography skills, are an exploration of the diverse Japanese culture, from the sword-wielding Samurai to the meditating monk. While these one-of-a-kind objets d'art were a private commission and thus are not available for sale, we understand that Kaiser is taking new commission requests; if you're interested, please politely contact him and request to be added to his commission list.

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