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"Heads / Heavenus" a Luke Chueh & Scott Tolleson dual solo exhibition at Clutter Gallery!!!

The Clutter Gallery is proud to announce a meeting of two powerhouses: a dual solo exhibition of new sculptural works by Luke Chueh and Scott Tolleson! Titled "Heads" and "Heavenus," respectively, these showcases will share one space/spirit but each artist will uniquely explore the three-dimensional realm. Above is a looks at some of the resin "Heads" that Luke is tackling. These giant 8"x8"x8" rotocast pieces feature a flurry of colors as Luke explores a new much larger platform... and as you can see, he delivers! Customizing upwards of 13 massive pieces, expect the unexpected... and keep those eyes peeled for some surprises!

"Heavenus" from Scott Tolleson is where Trayjus and gang are immortalized. These hipsters from another Universe are in no hurry to let you know how awesome they are. You’ll figure it out eventually. Creating a handful of new sculpts for this show, Scott will deliver pieces in a bone color with high gloss to emulate a porcelain look and for the Heavenus theme. Featuring -Malicus -Malicus minions -Trayjus -Velourus -Orjaluis -Grumbus -Tuborus -Conjurus - Mysterious Cat Helmet, these figures are all 1off's in this colorway for the show. Along with these, Scott will also be bringing along an edition of 3 Clutter exclusive "Stuffed Idols" (pink eye and pewter), an edition of 10 green trans Trayjus that GID blue, and he will also be customizing a painted bear head for Luke’s "Heads" show. With both artists planning to attend the opening reception on May 10th from 6-9PM Eastern time, make sure to mark your calendars as this is one show you won't want to miss! Luke Chueh's "Heads" & Scott Tolleson's "Heavenus" will be on display from May 10th until June 7th, 2014, at The Clutter Gallery, 163 Main St., Beacon, NY 12508.

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