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Kidrobot teams up with Jermaine Rogers for next 'Kidrobot: Black' release?!?!

In true Kidrobot fashion, they recently released a nice little interview showcasing an artist... this go around it was Jermaine Rogers. That being said, they normally follow up a post later on that day, or maybe a few days later, with a cryptic teaser of a new product releasing soon (tied to that artist they interviewed)... and above is that teaser we speak of! What appears to be some type of creature holding an ignition switch with a fuse and what seems to be explosives strapped to the body, we can only assume that this new figure is designed by Jermaine, and will be the next 'Kidrobot: Black' release! No other details have been given, and we don't know any more other than what we have speculated above... but I am sure Kidrobot will reveal more in the very near future... get ready!

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