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"The Worlds Greatest Custom Toy Show: One of One" curated by Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez!!!

What happens when a super talented artist who has been around the scene for a long time curates an custom designer toy and art show???? You get a show with a stellar line up and a promise that it's going to be an amazing event! This is exactly what is happening on June 14th, 2014 as artist Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez got together a group of super talents from around the globe to participate in this unique show that will showcase their work during the 'dA Center for the ARTS' 30th Anniversary!!! Entitled "The Worlds Greatest Custom Toy Show: One of One" really needs to stand up to it's name... and with all the artists involved, I know it will deliver!

So much talent under one roof... I personally cant' wait to see what these talents bring to the table! The artists involved include: 64 Colors, Alice Yeh, April Elliott, Attaboy, Axis, AX2, BLAMO, Bob Dob, Bryn Perrott, Camille Rose Garcia, Catcult, cikcuk, Codak, Defer, devNgosha, DrilOne, Ekundayo, Elizabeth McGrath, Erik Siador, Fr. Bill Moore SS. CC., Gabbie Custom Art, Germs, Graham Curran, Gris Grimly, Jill Ricci, Joe Scarano, Jophen Stein, Juan Thorp, Kingsley, KMNDZ, Leecifer, Marco Zamora, Mari Inukai, Max Kauffman, Mike Maxwell, Miss Mindy, N.C. Winters, PARIS, Phidias Gold, Rick O'Brien, Rusty Jordan, SpankyStokes, Super Cooper Berella, TAG, Tasha Zimich, Terror Visual 1984, The French Fury, Tom Pathe, Urban Medium, and Yoskay Yamamoto! Yeah... this is going to be amazing! The opening reception is on June 14th, 2014 from 6pm-9pm and will coincide with the Pomona 'Second Saturday Art Walk'! Stay tuned for previews images to start rolling in within the next few weeks! Stay up to date via the Facebook event page HERE as well as the official Facebook page HERE!

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