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WTF?!? PBK's toys of a sloth and an oversized kush bud resin figures!?!

The jest is obvious: mocking the perceived stereotypical stoner as lazy by making a sloth paired with a kush bud. That said, it's still funny! Artists The PBK have released the above pictured "Bammer Budskis," which are described as "two good buddies who love hanging out and blazing up." With a large variety of resin cast color combinations to choose from, there is no mention of the size of these pieces (which always disconcerts me) but — based on the proximity to the tropical drink umbrellas in the picture — I'm guessing they are just shy of 2-inches tall. Available now for preorder until May 7th, 2014, you can snag up your duo of blazing buds from PBK's online shop for $35 per set.

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