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Star Wars's Darth Vader + Religious Iconography = Sket-One's "Our Father" Sculpture!

Sket-One, one of the most iconic and classic customizers in this field, is spreading his artistic wings and soaring deep into the controversial parody pieces of lowbrow art, specifically with the announcement of the pictured "Our Father" sculptural release. On this shift, Sket says:
As an artist I am starting to grow from just doing custom toys to bigger and stronger ideas. This piece along with my “Sketinguishers” are the genesis of whats to come. I will still create custom toys, of course, but really want to expand my work into a higher realm of creation and ideas. This piece is huge it’s heavy and has been in the works for years, and I am finally bringing it out to the public.
"Our Father," which depicts Darth Vader in the crucifixion pose while standing atop the Death Star, is a resin cast objet d'art, limited to 25 pieces made in this black edition. Measuring 16”w × 25”h × 8”d, this 10 pound work will be available on April 18th, 2014 at 12 MIDNIGHT Pacific time in Sket-One's online shop for $999 apiece.

To coincide with this artistic outing from Sket-One, 1xRUN will be releasing limited edition "Our Father" prayer candles and the print pictured below on the right. These are all being released on April 18th, 2014 at 9AM Pacific time in 1xRUN's "Our Father" subsection store.

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