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Rattle, rattle, spray, spray… Hoakser's "Mr. 500," "Montana" & "Racked" custom rattle cans!

While he's still working on the sculpt for a resin version of the concept, UK street artist Hoakser creates a couple of strange figures out of rattle cans to join the previously announced "Old Hycote." From the left to right, they are: the 11½-inch tall "Mr. 500" (from a 500ml can), the 9½-inch tall "Montana" (from the classic spray can company's standard 94 size), and the 8½-inch tall "Racked" (which is on some cheap dollar store can), butted at the end by the the 7-inch tall "Old Hycote." What makes these amazingly sculpted and spectacularly painted figures a bit different than their predecessor, though, is that Hoakser emptied and depressurized the cans first… making them safe to be sent overseas! Money back guarantee! This assortment of one-of-a-kind pieces is available now in Hoakser's online shop for anywhere from £65 to £80 (approx. $108-$133).

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