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Leecifer and his magical stash of goodies for Dragatomi's '5-Eyed Dragon II' art show!

What's new with Leecifer, what does he have in store for his upcoming 5-man group show at Dragatomi entitled '5-Eyed Dragaon II' launching this Saturday, April 12th from 6pm-10pm?!?! Well, for starters, he tells us that he has been wanting to create "Baba Yaga Houses" for forever... and for those of you who don't know who Baba Yaga was, well, she was your standard Eastern European Witch that ate children, but her house had chicken legs so it could move around... and, I only know this from playing Dungeons & Dragons as a kid... but that's another story! These rad figures from Lee are sized from 12” to 16” tall, are made of reclaimed wood, resin, metal, acrylic paint, mixed media and in some cases found objects.... and wow did they turn out great!
Let’s see what else? Well, as most of you know, it’s ALWAYS Halloween in Leecifer's head... so he had to do a few pieces to make that part of him happy. He ended up creating a few Halloween'ish custom Visighosts as well as a BigSal buddy to look over their giant Baba Yaga "Hallows" House... an awesome 4 piece set, if you have the means to snag them all!
Of course, there is always Lee's hankering to create a super hero themed custom as well... and more so, a Batman themed piece... and that's exactly what he die! Using an old 'Alphabit Calli' figure, Lee gave him the once over... and he looks awesome!

Lastly... the pieces he has been getting the most questions about are his resin "Pixie Wisps". For this first release, there’s 20 available for the show, and while their true origin is currently unclear, it's most likely that he's some sort of fire spirit (like the Honoo) or more likely a Will-o'-the-Wisp (ghost-light/spook-light)!!! Standing 1.375" x 2.5” tall (not quite as tall as a Dunny) these will retail for just $15 a pop! This first sculpt, while not stated on the header, is named "Bunsen" as in "". There'll be different color releases in the future, but this first release (w/ the teal colored Bunsen on the header) is a random collection of body and eyeball colors w/ some clear, some solid, perhaps even a few hand painted. Lee will most likely have other stuff on hand at the show, so Sacramento... get ready! The "5-Eyed Dragon II" show featuring works from SouthernDrawl, DrilOne, Leecifer, Brent Nolasco, and Betso opens this Saturday, April 12th at Dragatomi!

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