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ToyCon UK exclusive "Color Change" MoDs + Collect & Display "Oozeball" sets!!!

As promised in our Pachi Gacha Machine coverage (posted HERE) we have 2 Disarticulator ToyCon exclusives to reveal today, the first of which coming in the form of the "Color Change" Madballs of Death! One of the last chances to snag this incredible design from Zectron, the 2″ figure has been cast up by Tru:Tek in a marbled mix of thermal color changing pigments, coming complete with matching “parasite” insert nestled inside. Limited to an edition of just 6 unique casts, these will be up for grabs at the Rampage Toys x Disarticulator ToyCon booth #16, priced at £28 each!
Alongside the numerous releases at the Rampage x Disarticulator booth this weekend, they are very proud to announce an exclusive that won’t be available at the table... the Collect & Display "Oozeball" sets! Teaming up with the online retailer for the very first time, the Disarticulators have created a limited batch of just 6 balls with matching claw display stands, each coming cast in C&D’s signature black and gold colorway. Dropping at the Collect & Display booth this Saturday, April 12th, the sets have been priced at £22 a piece... Stay tuned for their final reveal (the big one) tomorrow!

Source [Man-E-Toys Press]

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