AVAILABLE NOW! ArtmyMind's "Daitengu" custom 7-inch Munny of a Greater Demon Samurai!

The ever-impressive duo of ArtmyMind bring forth a new Japanese-inspired custom 7-inch Munny creation: "Daitengu" (大天狗, greater 'demon'). Depicting its namesake, a daitengu is a person who — upon death — becomes a long-nosed mischievous spirit and harbinger of war. Though ArtmyMind incorporated the concept into their world of creations thusly:
"Very little is known about this mysterious Samurai. Some say he is a protective spirit tracking down evil ones, some say that he is nothing more than a rogue warrior gone mad. The truth is only known to a handful of people that he saved through the years… The bloody tale of a lone man sworn to avenge the dead ones… A quest against the odds to find a kill the demon who massacred his clan."
Featuring their immediately recognizable style, achieved by intricate sculpting and polished painting as well as hand-tailored cloth aspects, this figure is available in a very limited edition. Each coming with its own matching Artist Card, these figures are available to order now in ArtmyMind's online shop for $398 apiece.

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