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Fire King Panda by FullerDesigns... is AWESOME!

Fuller just blew my mind with his latest custom piece! I am always in awe at the paint this dude lays down, the soft airbrush touches along with the really nice blends and clean line work really make him one of the best in the toy customizing game... but his latest piece, it really takes the cake! Using Aaron "Angry Woebots" Martin's fantastic resin 'Panda King' as the base figure, Fuler decided to go all out on this piece creating what he is calling the "Fire King Panda". Fuller goes onto mention "I gotta be honest, when I first got this commission I was a little nervous about customizing one of these beautiful King Pandas. Even more so when it arrived and I saw it in person. Such a nice piece. I thought it would look really cool to keep his arms clear and use an element of the clear resin for fire. I just couldn't cover up everything..." And as you can see, the end result is of EPIC proportions! Utilizing Createx airbrush and Acrylic paints. The Sun Hat and helmet was sculpted by Ave's Apoxie and Fuller used real leather for the straps and hammer holster... and check out that giant hammer that straps to the back.

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