Ferg × Grody Shogun - Strobe Light Sensation Young Gohst "Party Favors" sofubi figures!

Ferg and Luke "Grody Shogun" Rook's 3-inch tall "Young Gohst" Japanese vinyl (sofubi) figure is about to be released in a strobe light inspired colorway... with his clear body painted in transparent sprays, the brain piece has a strobe light inserted into its base (which can be easily removed if desired). Activated by a little push button, the light makes it appear as if they entire brain is strobing in a variety of neon colors. These fantastic, next generation pieces will also come with the skull cap and tongue assembly, should you want to put it together without the light. Set to be released for just $45 a pop on Monday, February 24th, 2014 at 10AM Pacific time in Playge's online store, these are most certainly going to be limited and sell out rather quickly!

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