What can't Don P. customize?!?!

When artist Don P. takes on a project, or should I say projects, he bangs them all out at the same time and most recently he completed 6 customs... all of which can be seen above and they all look quite fantastic! First up is a whole slew of custom Dunny's including: "Big Daddy" Mecha, "Apius Gladiatorus", "Tiki Bat" which this little guy is currently for sale HERE right now! More customs... or course! "Crying Face" is a custom Popobawa 6" figure that was created as a MINTYFRESH EXCUSIVE and will be available HERE very soon. To round out the custom creations there is "Drumsticks the Tiki Clown", a 7" inch Mascot as well as "Orcus Zuurb" a 3" Bot with a resin Zuurb head from Valleydweller. A wide array of customs on a ton of different platforms... what can't Don P. customize... we have yet to see!

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