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Invisible Creature x Deutsch NY - 3D printed figure “Gift Maker” website!!!

A French Hen dressed as a bag of French fries? Skateboard, snowboard or skis for your Leaping Lord? And should your Swimming Swan sport goggles or sunglasses? These are all very important questions to be asked, and the folks over at Deutsch NY are giving you the ability to decide!!! They teamed up with the super talented team over at Invisible Creature to create a 3-D “Gift Maker” campaign for PNC Bank’s 30th Annual Christmas Price Index (CPI). Every year, PNC Bank calculates the current costs of each of the gifts in the holiday carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and announces the total cost of Christmas in a playful economic report. This year, the “Gift Maker” campaign lets people build toys in the online workshop, find out their prices, and then enter for the chance to receive their 3-D toy creation. There are 3,000 possible ways to customize the toys... and it's a ton of fun... so kill some time at work today, head on over HERE right now to start designing!

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