Superplastic announces Janky toys?!?!

We have been following the progress of this new, soon to be launched, company for quite some time now... and today, Superplastic announced something that needed to be shared... a contest to to win one of 100 signed/numbered Launch Edition "Janky toys". Wait... Janky Toys?!?! No... not these ones - it's their own brand... but they probably should have googled that name just to be clear - in any case. This brainchild of a company was launched by Paul Budnitz and Huck Gee along with Cyan Banister and is supposed to officially launch in 76 days (and counting).

So who is signing these? Well... it appears they have a cast of creators on board, which include: KEG CHUE, BIG BUN AUYUE, KALED, LOFT WEEPER, DR TEBE TELEJO, MONO ZI JUKU, PUZUL BANDIT, Q-RAY JETBEAD, DR LICORICE LAMA, MR ELK GINGHAM, MS BECS, VAL CARDIAC ROAR, PHEK, ZOLA GIRL, LOON G BOLDLY, COACH MAGDARLEN, CRAFTY O’DANISH, ????, ??? ??? ????? - hold up... these names are scrambled, and some of those names are of VERY famous artists - who do you recognize?!?! In any case... head on over HERE right now to sign up to be one of the first 100!

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