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Huck Gee's "Skullhead Clown" custom Munnys coming soon?!?

Huck Gee has been teasing a new release, which — based on the above picture — is obviously a new Skullhead design. But Gee has used the word 'clown' a couple of times in relation to this new piece, hinting that perhaps that below long-legged fellow (pictured below left) is actually a clown on stilts body! And, as shown in the below right picture, there various upper torso casts already done for this release… meaning it will be a new 10 piece custom edition. And even though the Skullhead figures are typically Dunnys, Gee has a tendency to customize Munnys… Supposedly coming very soon, all our guessing will be put to rest when Gee's mailing list (form at the bottom of the page) receives the actual information from the man himself!

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