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Mujuworld's brand new "Nalu Muju" resin figures are on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW!

With four initial colorways already planned, Mujuworld proudly announce their next design to add to their already impressive release array: the "Nalu Muju." Unfortunately for Mujuworld, the production costs of making a completely new figure — especially out of completely environmentally friendly materials — is quite expensive; thankfully, the masses are more than happy to pay them for through Kickstarter! Yes, the design duo have taken their cause to Kickstarter, beginning a campaign to finance the costs, and its goal was met in less than a day… but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pitch in. Mujuworld have a brilliant, unique voice and it should be encouraged… plus, of course, their Kickstarter campaign has some amazing reward tiers. Go on over, check it out, and hopefully you'll want to get something for yourself!

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