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iROC's "Undertoe" & "Bigfoot" custom Dunnys with diorama bases?!? Wow!

When we last spotted the work of iROC, we suspected big things were in store for the growing artist… he had been pushing his boundaries and starting to create a completely unique voice. Then we were delivered the above pictured "Undertoe" images, which bore an all-too-similar look to the previous custom 3-inch Dunny we were impressed with. Still impressive and immaculate looking, we had to wonder if iROC pushed himself just to find a new rut? Thankfully, the answer is no: "Undertoe," like the below pictured "Bigfoot," were commissioned pieces made to the desires of the private collector who would own them. I really love how iROC is sculpting on the Dunny platform so skillfully and then adding these well-thought out diorama bases to the piece, really elaborating on their individual back stories. If you'd like to commission your own iROC custom creation, you can contact the artist HERE.

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