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Flat Bonnie and Nathan Hamill team up to go 'Back to The Future'!!!

The 'Back To The Future' movie franchise is arguably one of the coolest set of movies to grace the silver screen... and if you are a fan, heck, even if you are not... you are still familiar with part of the movie. Well, Nathan Hamill recently teamed up with the super talented Flat Bonnie for a friend's birthday present... and this said friend, by the way, is one of the biggest B2TF fans you will ever meet, was completely shocked when he opened a replica Flux Capacitor (which allowed the DeLorean to travel through time) made entirely out of soft fleece and pleather in what they called the "Plush Capacitor"... an awesome gift indeed! Just look at the photos above to see the gift situated in the birthday boys DeLorean... so cool!

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