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Android Artist Series 4 is coming! Previews of Kong Andri, Andrew Bell, and Scott Tolleson revealed!!!

…could it be? Is it finally happening? Yes! The fourth installment of our artist and designer series of Android mini collectibles is finally arriving soon! This year the folks over at DYZPlastic and Android are happy to welcome artists Kong Andri, Sergio Mancini, Fakir and Shawnimals to the roster. They are joined by returning artists Andrew Bell, kaNO, Kronk and Scott Tolleson! Within the next few weeks, Series 04 will start arriving in toy, comic, specialty and online retailers across the world... and we have some previews today! First up is “Astronomiton” by Andrew Bell! This design features elements that were also used as inspiration for the packaging and promotion of the fourth series. This mechanical monster sports a midnight hue and metallic markings and will be quite easy to find as it has a 2/16 ratio.
Up next is a rad new design from artist Kong Andri! His bright graphic style works perfectly on the Android mini figure... who wants to hit the lake?!?! Grab your gear, shove some worms in your pocket, and join the Android Fishing Club with his “Fisherman” design. Catching this guy won’t be too hard, because if you buy a case, you are guarenteed at least one seeing as this particular is a 1/16 ratio.
As some people have cleverly guessed, the solid color Androids have been following a certain familiar pattern since Series 02. This year the "Yellow" shines through! 2/16 ratio.
Lastly for today, we round off the previews with a late afternoon lunch thanks to returning Android artist, Scott Tolleson, and his mouth-wateringly meaty masterpiece, “2×2″. Prepare yourself for a delicious double double patty party, and at a 1/16 ratio, you can order takeout for two! Check out that cheeky smile!!!

Source [DYZ Plastic]

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