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ON SITE: 'Bewitching III' at Stranger Factory!

 photo F7B00AE0-8721-494D-A871-1590DA004E78-197-0000000588B1BD24_zps154b59b7.jpg  photo 6AA74B2A-AE03-4B10-B915-D63BFC882736-197-000000066B3861F4_zps5c49eb56.jpg photo FF7ABA39-DE59-4F32-9DA1-C31EA85521C7-197-0000000677198A02_zps68ee4daf.jpg
With the hustle and bustle that is NYCC, we are all treated with some seriously cool exclusives... but the whole world doesn't just close down and let NYCC run its course, nope, the show must go on and the folks over at Stranger Factory hosted their now annual 'Bewitching III' group art show and exhibition... and thankfully Anthony Truong, an avid SpankyStokes.com reader and scoop giver, was on hand to take a TON of photos from the event, and we are forever grateful! The show will featured over 2 dozen local, national, and internationally recognized visual artists and designers, and these artists were tasked to find inspiration in the history of Halloween, including costuming and merchandise from a past long gone to the symbolism and icons of this fantastic hallowed holiday – black cats to witches, to the walking dead and pumpkin kings... and through the photos that Anthony took... we really get a glimpse of how each and every artist interpreted this event.

 photo 0881B9FD-2D53-45AE-AB5B-CB9FE66420BD-197-000000074AF9DC56_zpsaf87902a.jpg photo 89BC2EFE-8053-49C9-B7F3-775A98C5C99E-197-000000078D07889B_zps58844278.jpg photo 98AEF4A8-6653-4299-9627-0F4DEA578EAD-197-00000007337053E2_zps6eeef3f9.jpg  photo 84BCDA7F-A8BF-401D-A2A3-1F632CCA1F8E-197-00000007C701A9E6_zpsaa25f736.jpg photo 4BDC39BF-DBE5-483C-88B8-6A4B182358B8-197-00000007FECF76D0_zpsda63721d.jpg  photo 70A66BA6-2567-4055-AC76-F507B42361C0-197-0000000A30D05B41_zpsabcc6af4.jpg
It's seriously so crazy to see all the different mediums used by so many artists... and when I say so many artists, I mean it as this years event featured a group of familiar faces as well as talented new artists who are largely new to Stranger Factory. The roster includes: Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Ana Bagayan, Aubrie Peters, Bill Basso, Brandan Styles, Chris Haas, Dave Pressler, Jessica Joslin, Jared Joslin, Jim McKenzie, Joe Scarano, Karl Deuble, Katharine Carillo, Michele Lynch, Mike Egan, Ryan Singer, Scarecrowoven, Scott Hove, Shing Khor, Stan Manoukian, Stephan Webb, Jen Musatto (Them Dollz), Michael Peters, Karen Peters, Tim Lee, Valency Genis, Yosiell Lorenzo, Allison Sommers, Josh Stebbins, Robert Hoggard, Jay Hollopeter, Catharine Carr, DrilOne, Chris Ryniak, Paul Kaiju, and Amanda Spayd. Do yourself a favor, hit the jump for the full photo slide show from this event... it's candy for the eyes, and if you aren't in the mood for Halloween just yet, you will be after seeing all the amazing pieces!

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