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Mani Zamani's absolutely spectacular "MoMo the Bird Cage" 3D Printed Designer Toy!

The overall truth is that 3D printing has quite a way to go before one can easily use the method for Designer Toy manufacturing, with the cost and quality still being suspect, but Swedish artist Mani Zamani was completely correct when he opted for the 3D printed route. To create this intricately open anthropomorphized bird cage in any other material and by any other method would've been even more outrageously expensive… and the design is simply too stunning not to be made. Standing almost 9.5-inches tall, this semi-articulated figure is beautiful to behold. In order to buy one yourself, you can order directly from Shapeways in two parts: the main body for $220.37 and the accessories — birds and face — for $10.81 from HERE.

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