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Acme Comics × Menace Inc. Studios's "Acme Bat" Resin Figures for Comic Book City Con!

Jeff Beck of Menace Inc. Studios has been closely working with his local comic shop, Acme Comics, to bring their iconic mascot to resin cast life… and, for once, the mad science experiment didn't go array. Introducing "Acme Bat," a 4-inch tall beaut with a real felt cape! Debuting at Comic Book City Con (October 26-27th, 2013), "Acme Bat" will be available in three editions: "CBCC Blue" (limited to 5 copies), "Super Hero Red" (limited to 10 copies), and "Black Night" (limited to 10 copies). The blue version will cost $30 apiece, while the other two will run you $25 each.

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