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UPDATE: Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's "Flying Freak Sludge Demon" sofubi sculpt!

 photo MVH.png
First it was Splurrt's "Bone Usir" head (HERE), then PaulKaiju created a "DX Dokruo Sludge Demon" head (HERE), and just last week we posted up (HERE) the "Flying Freak" head atop the Mutant Vinyl Hardcore "DX Dokruo Sludge Demon" body... well, to our surprise, this head has its OWN body to compliment the rad head... and above you can see how epic it is! Richard "LASH" Montanari really continues to push the limits when it comes to his sofubi monster making skills... and this new stand alone figure, with swappable heads is just what the doctor ordered! What else is planned... well, we are all going to just have to wait patiently... but one can only assume Rich is gearing up big time for NYCC 2013. More very soon!

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