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Taylored Curiosities's "Butterpiller" is half butterfly, half caterpillar, all cuteness!

A genetic experiment gone horribly wrong… or wonderfully right, if you're a fan of cute things! Artist Penny Taylor (aka Taylored Curiosities) created these brilliant caterpillar like resin creatures — each about an inch tall and an inch-and-a-half wide — that sprout butterfly like vintage cotton wings, but never big enough to carry their pudgy weight: thus, they are Butterpillars. Each hand-painted Butterpillar comes inside a vintage glass 3¼-inch tall jar that is lines with moss. Two hand-embroidered, felt leaves accompany each critter, which are available now in a small selection of colors from Taylored Curiosities online shop for £20 (approx. $32) apiece HERE.

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