Rocketboy's custom Dunnys, Micro Munnys & Mini MAD*L in "Cubicle Creatures" series!

Pictured are half of the adorable beasties that comprise Rocketboy's forthcoming "Cubicle Creatures" series. Custom Dunnys, Micro Munnys & even a Mini MAD*L all perfectly painted to be able to blend into the 'standard' work environment. The entire Cubicle Creatures collection will be on display at the Octoyberfest custom toy gallery show at Royal Flesh Tattoo.

"Octoyberfest," a group custom show, will open on October 19th, 2013 with a reception starting at 7PM local time at Royal Flesh Tattoo, 4005 N. Broadway St., Chicago, IL 60613. You can sign up for the preview list HERE. Participating artists include: Ardabus Rubber, Shadoe Delgado, Rocketboy, JC Rivera, and Fuller Designs.

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