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WWR EVOL - "CALIGINOSITY" and "EMANATION" N.O.M Field Commanders from 3A!

 photo emanset-threea.jpg
"With the close release of Harold ( the first Rothchild Robot ) and the Nom commanders in 1/12th WWR series one comes to an end. Moving forward the next phase of the story called WWR EVOL takes over, upcoming books, toys and other mediums tell the story of the middle act EVOL. EVOL see’s an evolved line of bots, not just by Rothchild, and key events extrapolated on such as Darwin being driven from his lunar lair, the NOM ascending to dominance on Earth and Mar’s bring as much of the war to earth and the Moon in conjunction with their partners!" On pre-order tomorrow through Bambaland will be 2 sets of 1/12th scale figures from Ashley Wood and his 3A universe... introducing the "CALIGINOSITY" and "EMANATION" N.O.M Field Commanders! Each set will come with the above 2 figures as well as a Bertie MK2 set. While there is no price, or images of the Berties, expect another sellout from the 3A folks with this release. Hit up the online store HERE.

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