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Hopping your way today… Nemori (Cris Rose × Lunabee)'s "The Brightfield Bunnies" custom Dunnys!

Nemori, the artistic partnership of Cris Rose and Lunabee, have announced their second official release: the previously announced "Brightfield Bunnies" custom Dunnys with hand-cast resin heads, made from original sculpts!
There are many towns and villages across Nemori, mostly filled with people like you and me, just getting on with life. They have their own jobs, interests and families, rarely finding themselves in any sort of remarkable situation.
The Brightfield Bunnies are carefree folk from the lush valley known as Brightfield. Unlike the inhabitants of Burntwood, these lop-eared chaps are far less interested in hard work and industrious uses of their time; they'd rather sing, dance and be merry in the summer sun.
Being released in a small batch of only five pieces, each wearing patterned pieces of clothing that were delicately hand-painted on, the choice of which one-off bunny rabbit you take home with you is completely up to you: Willow, Maple, Quartz, Quill, or Cedar. These one-of-a-kind pieces will be available today (August 15th, 2013) at 10AM Pacific time in the Nemori online shop.

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