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Is Huck Gee making a custom dune buggy vehicle for 7-inch Munnys?!?

One of our favorite past times in the SpankyStokes office is playing "What is Huck Gee doing?" wherein we take wild guesses based on the teasers he posts. Well, these two teasers don't really leave too much to the imagination as it is definitely a vehicle of some sort cast out of resin. Gee does make the off-handed remark "Let's go 4 wheelin'!" in regards to these pieces, which I think might be part of a '70s style dune buggy (or beach buggy if you prefer) piece. Typically those grid mats he's photographed the pieces on have 1-inch squares, so the roughly 2-inch wide steering wheel would be perfect for a 7-inch tall Munny figure! Are we right? Are we wrong? While you can guess in the comments, only those that have joined Gee's mailing list (form at the bottom of the page) will know for sure first.

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