FULL REVEAL: Haus of Boz's "Ghost of the Narwhal (Irezumi Series)" resin figure!

After all the teasing, the full reveal is finally here! We already knew that Haus of Boz's debut resin figure was named the "Ghost of the Narwhal" and that the first wave (or series) of pieces would be entitled "Irezumi" (入れ墨, tattoo), but now we not only can see the figure itself clearly but are treated to the very first one-off custom in the irezumi-themed line: "Sakana" (魚, fish)!
This gorgeous solid resin sculpt, composed of clean line work and a wonderful puddin' face, impressively stands almost 6-inches tall. "Sakana," the first of four pieces in the Irezumi wave, is hand-painted with traditional Japanese tattoo style Koi (carp), cherry blossoms, and maple leaves over a base of pearlescent blues & whites and is signed on the base. "Sakana" will be available on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 at 12 Noon Pacific time in Haus of Boz's online shop for £64.99 (approx. $99), with other pieces in this wave being released in the following weeks.

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