Infinite Rabbits tackles a Trikky and some Androids!!!

 photo droid-abc-3.jpg
Thomas aka 'Infinite Rabbits' continues to blow our minds here at SpankyStokes.com with his rad, well crafted, custom vinyl figures... and although we are late to the party on the ones in this post (seeing as they have already sold) it's still in our best interest to show off these amazing figures! First up is 3 custom Androids that he is calling "Fhtagndroids" (Model A, Model B, Model C), you gotta love all the tentacles coming out of each figure, and those eyes... sooooo cool!

 photo oeme04.jpg
Up next is the custom 7" Trikky that was completed as a trade with another artist... and for this particular piece, the i's have it... or should I say the eyes!!! I love the grungy look on top the organic looking eyes... and the little details down to that one little snaggle tooth sticking out the mouth, so great! Visit the Infinite Rabbits webstore HERE, and pick something up for your own personal collection.

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