Unbox Industries x FOS - "The Imp" figure... revealed!

 photo FOS2.jpg
What is it that lurks in the shadows? Well, now we know, as Unbox Industries is proud to announce the release and unveiling of "The Imp"! According to Unbox "The Imp is spawned by the one and only FOS..aka..The mayor of New Cross aka the creator of HEROIN (Britain's longest running and most infamous Skateboard company) and creative director for Altamont." These guys are known for their off the wall graphics, and they are bringing that to toy form with the help of Unbox! "The Imp" by Unbox Industries & Fos (Heroin Skateboards & Altamont) will go on sale at the end of May, and he stands stands approx. 6" tall, has four points of articulation, and glows in the dark from the inside out via his ghoulish empty eye sockets... WOW! Each figure is individually bagged with a header designed by Fos and will retail for $30 a pop... and we are told to be on the lookout for variants of this figure in the very near future.

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