N.C. Winters is about to "Purge"!!!

 photo PURGE_Preview_NCWINTERS.jpg
If you follow N.C. Winters on his Instagram (if you don't do so NOW), he has been posting up images for an upcoming online sale entitled "Purge"... and this is pretty much what it sounds like, he is purging a ton of his artwork... but there is something interesting about this stuff. N.C. goes onto explain:
"PURGE began several months ago when I was cleaning out the studio and I came across a couple of old paintings on wood. They were intended for a show that never happened, as the gallery folded before the release date. They were nearly done, but I had never quite finished them to a point where I was happy to release them. Plus, with the abandoned show, they fell by the wayside. As an experiment, I took a photo and asked the world if anyone would be interested in purchasing these older pieces at a fair rate. Surprisingly, they were snapped up instantly and several voices cried out for more. My first impulse had been to chuck them in the trash, or consign them to the ever growing bins of old unfinished work, but my experiment paid off, and a few people are now the proud owners of a piece of art they enjoy.
All of that said, he has a ton of work up for grabs, the works are mostly on paper, but there are a few resined pieces, works on wood, drawings on random scraps of paper and even a couple custom resined craft boxes. The work will be available sometime in the next week, Wednesday, May 15th on his personal webstore HERE. For those wishing for the best opportunity to get the pieces they want, it is strongly suggested that you subscribe to N.C.'s newsletter at the top right side of the page HERE as he will release the drop time before anyone else gets it! A really cool social experiment that is paying off for both the artist and collector alike.

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